Hadrian Eiendom

Specialists in real estate transactions


Through more than 20 years, we have built up a broad expertise in the property transaction market, with a special focus on residential projects.

Located in Oslo CBD, Hadrian offers both advice and analysis to owners of mid-range and larger properties, in – or in the proximity of - Norway`s larger cities.

Our sale process and development partner search are focused, with competence and insight, and aimed at maximizing the value of your property.

We aim to identify and highlight value-creation elements both the initial start of a project, through the analysis of different options, and in the value assessment.

With our detailed knowledge of the specific location, the property market at large, regulatory issues, as well as the buyer universe, we will identify the potential value in your property, to achieve the best possible price.

Hadrian welcomes the challenge of showing what we can contribute with as a partner with substantial property expertise, as well as handling of the financial settlement.

Creating value together


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